Automated content flows

Dynamic content, automatically sent

1. Choose trigger

  • - Recurring period (e.g. every 5 minutes or every Monday at 7am)
  • - Webpage online/offline or containing or not a text
  • - Webhook (Incoming HTTP request to us)
  • - Currency or Crypto or Gold/Silver above/below limit
  • More to come ...

2. Create the content

Mix fixed content with:
  • - Currency, Crypto currencies, Metals quotes
  • - Any field from generic JSON API
  • - RSS feed
  • - Todoist tasks
  • More to come ...

3. Publish or send

  • - Email
  • - Wordpress post
  • - Send to External API
  • - Email attachment
  • - Kindle
  • - Trigger another rule
  • More to come ...
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Content composition

Fixed content mixed with live content such as currency exchanges, RSS news, external API fields (JSON Path), Todoist tasks etc..

We are planning to support most of the available API on the market: google, marketing, sales tools etc..

Use cases

  • Personal reminder: Every day at 8am send a mail with RSS news from 3 websites, USD and Bitcoin valuations, and some content parsed from a JSON API
  • Website down alert: When my website is down, send me a mail, and blog post the outage automatically
  • Finance quote alert: When Bitcoin reaches 100k, or the USD/EUR exchange reaches 0.9, or Gold price is below $1500/oz, notify me with a mail
  • Content automation: Every week create a Wordpress post with content from fields in any external JSON API and/or RSS

Focus on the meaningful and enjoyable tasks

Let our servers do the boring tasks and scale your business.

Choose a plan to start

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100% free to use, for personal use

  • Up to 10 widgets
  • Up to 2 rules

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  • Up to 50 widgets
  • Up to 10 rules

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$ 19.99 / month

without worries about limits

  • Unlimited widgets
  • Unlimited rules

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Contact us for custom plans, multiple licences, or to use it for free in exchange of feedback and testing.

What users say about us

“ It has been a great tool to delegate some of annoying tasks so far.
I use it to create daily wordpress posts in our blog with content coming from various APIs. I created widgets with formatted content from those APIs (relatively simple thanks to the JSON path support) and I created some rules to use those widgets in daily and weekly blog posts. ”

“I'm a fan of delegation. I used to spend lots of time every morning to check RSS news from the same 3 websites, then check some cryptocurrencies values, and also the daily todoist tasks.
With this tool I could easy create a mail with all that in a single page, so very useful and a big time saver. I've spent maybe 15 mins to create widgets and rules, but I save 5 mins every morning. ”

“I've just started using it, not impressed at first as there are other tools around for this, but this look more "content" based and also way cheaper. I didn't find other tools able to compose customised content this way. The product and dev team is also very responsive and happy to hear about my feedback, so I expect lots of interesting features”

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